Educon Presentation

I. What are your thoughts/beliefs on education?
a. Question to begin, audience writes their ideas.
b. Keep in mind any connections between the speakers

II. Pictures – Who frames our ideas of education?
a. Audience tries to name as many of the pictures as they can
b. Discussion on who each were – identify each picture

III. Introduction to AABR - Jess
a. Brief overview of school, how it started, when
b. School is based around the question…

IV. WHAT IF…? - Jess
a. Learning was more right brained
i. Ideas of Pink, book study from school
b. Collaboration
i. Between teachers, students, etc…
c. Habits of Mind
d. Student-Centered Learning Environment
i. ID projects
ii. Basic structure of the school (2008)
iii. Leads into…

V. Flexibility - Jeff
a. Student and Faculty flexibility
b. Collaboration
c. Transparency
i. Speak about projects that have been completed (Caesar)
ii. Leads into…

VI. Project Supernova – Lorraine
a. Introduction of the project
b. Where it stems from
c. NEW Bloom’s Taxonomy
i. Design at the top
ii. Importance of Media and Design
iii. Leads into…

VII. Inquiry and the Science of Art – Louis
a. Media and Story connection
b. Remix idea
c. Inquiry
i. Autonomous students, free to ask questions, experimenting
ii. Leads into…

VIII. The Art of Science – Paul
a. Inquiry leads to discovery
b. Media project with periodic table
c. QI Benchmark – fast thinking, on the fly
d. Thought of being wrong is not too bad
i. Fixing equations – how they started wrong

IX. What is Smart? (Jess & Topic from Educon Friday)

X. Finale
a. What stood out to you for presentation?
b. Look back at your original ideas on education – how does it match with our views?
c. Did you see any connections between presenters?
d. Questions for us